Salzburg pages and Mozart


What strikes me when thinking of Salzburg is its sheer beauty.

Every corner of this city has its own special flair. When we were home in Austria, we did not realize this fact as much as we do now.

In January 2011 our daughter moved to Salzburg with her husband to take up a position in the Private aviation industry.

As native Austrians we were all looking forward to visit and stay in this great city with all the history that comes with it.

Of course we had visited before when our kids were adolescents. This time it was different.

W.A. Mozart was another reason why we loved the move. The following weeks after arriving were filled with exploring Salzburg s sights and venues.

Salzburg old city

Mozart s home I went to explore, from every angle and corner I grabbed as much details as we possibly could.

I am fascinated by this greatest of Austria s composer and musician who still after 300 years still continues to dominate the classical music world with his works.

From my earlier visit I knew much where to start looking.

He dominated the 18 th century music scene in Salzburg and his fame reached far beyond into France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic.

Salzburg is a unique city of beauty. On every step one is confronted with some or the other sign of one of our greatest composers who ever lived.

Salzburg Mozart home

We can find many signs of his past in the city. But nowhere is it so vivid like in his parental home. The Maestro s bed , the kitchen where his mom cooked , the harpsichord he played on when he was at a tender age of 4 years.

His father Leopold was a master of the orchestra at the Bishop of Salzburg clerical own orchestra. His son followed the father everywhere and soon the father began to notice the sons talents.

I could go on and on to talk about the greatest of composers own development , much has been written about.

But I want to show you the beauty of this city, and our pictures will prove this claim.

Salzburg old city

Most of our photos have been posted on photoshelter here

However I want to add some more of my most personal pictures I took whilst climbing up the Capuchin mountain and the Frances castle.

So please take a few minutes to watch them and then go on to the photoshelter page.

Salzburg Franciscan church on Capuchin mountain
Salzburg Mozart statue on Capuchin mountain

This statue stands since the time of Mozart 1780 on my daily climb to Capuchin mountain, a steep uphill climb that took me well over 1 hour.

Winter was all around me snow and ice covered the steps, and I fell on my butt during one of the climbs here. ( Nothing happened except my Ego was shattered. )

Salzburg view from Capuchin mountain
Salzburg castle from Capuchin mountain

In this castle ( background ) Mozart played many a times to entertain the Bishop and the clerics who were running the city at the time.

Salzburg Capuchin mountain road

Above the road to Franzens Castle during a short lived warmer weather period.



Salzburg Franciscan friars monastery